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Hannah Storm has that rarest of all qualities. When she stands to speak, she stands not only as an expert but also — vitally — as a vulnerable, brilliant, brave woman. Hannah speaks a truth — her truth — and invites the audience in to an unforgettable experience, where they are intellectually engaged and challenged, sure, and emotionally connected. On a logistical level, Hannah is a dream. Meets every deadline, arrives prepared and brings her knowledge, her insights, her wisdom and her humanity.  – Amy Selwyn, Managing Director, News Xchange 2011-2019

Hannah Storm led a powerful session on self-care and wellness for our entire team in August 2021. Chalkbeat’s journalists could relate to her personal experiences, and everyone benefited from the discussion about self-care. During a period of significant local, national, and global challenges, Hannah helped our team address complicated issues and opened up a conversation that we needed to have.
— Jennifer Bramble, Chief People Officer, Chalkbeat

A sought-after speaker and moderator, panellist and facilitator, I have significant international experience and global contacts to connect others in vital conversations.

I am comfortable addressing large conferences as well as convening smaller conversations and writing speeches. My extensive global contacts and experience as a producer ensure I am well-placed to convene the most relevant conversations with the most appropriate participants.

I have chaired a range of discussions across the industry, although my specific expertise is in journalism safety, online harassment, mental health, gender and ethics. I also speak Spanish and French.

Work in Action

Moderator of NewsXchange session on journalism safety, cyberbullying and online harassment


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