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The Story Behind the Stories: The Thin Line Between Everything and Nothing

There are moments when everything changes: liminal spaces, seconds where the stars align and times when life changes completely. As a journalist, I am privileged to have had a ring-side seat at occasions that have made history, and met individuals whose lives have been changed in an instant.   The Thin Line Between Everything andContinue reading “The Story Behind the Stories: The Thin Line Between Everything and Nothing”

Memoir success

I’m delighted that my memoir has been shortlisted in this year’s Mslexia awards, reaching the final 12 in this prestigious competition for women writers. My story explores how I attempt to piece my life back together after a diagnosis of complex post-traumatic stress disorder by unravelling the episodes that threatened to unravel me. In teasingContinue reading “Memoir success”

Anniversary reflections

Anniversaries have a special resonance for many trauma survivors. For me, certain dates are etched into my mind. They bubble beneath the surface, threatening to spill over as they approach, reminding me of the need to be extra kind to myself at these times. There’s one date that marks a turning point for my relationshipContinue reading “Anniversary reflections”

Thoughts after a tough week

Last week was really tough. Probably the toughest week of this entire pandemic. I know many people who struggled. I want to share my experiences in the hope that it might resonate with others, and help anyone who feels isolated to feel less alone. My PTSD hit me really hard. I struggled to sleep. WhenContinue reading “Thoughts after a tough week”

2020 was a marathon. Now we need to pace ourselves. What running has taught me about mental health

Spoiler: you don’t even need to like running to read this. Today I scheduled an hour into my work day to get outside and run. It gave me the chance to think about what running has taught me about managing my mental health during unprecedented times. 2020 was a marathon. After any long distance race,Continue reading “2020 was a marathon. Now we need to pace ourselves. What running has taught me about mental health”

Tackling Mental Health in Journalism

I recently spoke at the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at the University of Oxford on mental health and how newsrooms need to tackle the taboos in our industry to allow journalists and journalism to flourish. Get more details from the Reuters Institute website.

Ahead of World Mental Health Day (October 10), I recorded a podcast with the International Center for Journalists, discussing mental health and the media and offered my thoughts on how newsrooms can tackle taboos. Have a listen here:

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